The Live Wright Collaborative serves to align obesity related work of participating organizations by setting measurable goals and tracking progress toward these goals.

We aim to create a community norm of healthy living for all Wright County citizens and visitors by making healthy food and physical activity opportunities accessible and affordable.

Our Story

In 2009, Live Wright was founded as an advisory committee for Wright County Public Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) team. The SHIP grant was awarded to community health boards across the state in an effort to promote tobacco cessation and reduce obesity through healthy eating and active living initiatives.

Two years later, the SHIP grant was greatly reduced statewide and Wright County did not receive funding. The commitments that Live Wright had made, however, were so strong that the group chose to continue meeting in an effort to advance health in the community.

As partnerships within the group formed and flourished, the need for a new group identity was recognized. Questions arose pertaining to our role in the community; is our purpose for networking among local organizations? Or are we made for something more?

Via an almost year-long discernment process came the decision that we are more impactful together than we are apart. Through pooling our resources and using our collective knowledge, our partnerships have the ability to make a real impact on the health of our community. Our partners are dedicated to aligning their work under the overarching goal of reducing obesity in Wright County, with specific efforts focused on healthy eating and active living.

Our Logo

The honeycomb is known to be the strongest and most efficient structure in nature. In our logo, each hexagon represents a partnering organization who has committed to focusing their work on healthy eating and active living to reduce obesity in Wright County. Our work is stronger and more efficient because of our partnership; we are truly better together!


A professionally facilitated planning retreat helped assess barriers, identify strengths, and create our overall vision for the Live Wright Collaborative.

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