Healthy Food

Our work in healthy eating is designed to make healthy foods accessible to all. Whether it be through food skills classes, access to farmers’ markets, expanding food assistance programs, or enhancing congregate dining options, we strive to ensure those who live, work, and play in Wright County can find nourishment without difficulty.

Specific objectives include educating and involving children in the selection of healthier food options, encouraging schools to utilize best practices in order for the optimal nutrition to be maintained during lunch periods, and creating an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.


Local food looks better, tastes better, and is better for you. It also supports local families and creates a stronger sense of community. Accessing local food is easier than you might think with the Crow River Food Council‘s hard work.

To help your kids learn about local food, visit a Power of Produce Club this summer!

Evidence Based Health Programs

Looking for a class or event to meet your needs? We’ve got a variety of programs listed on our calendar; ranging from Falls Prevention, Diabetes Prevention Program, Living Well with Diabetes, and Healthy Eating for Better Health. Find the one the best suits you! View class summary.

Go to our calendar to find a class near you!

Healthy Eating Tips

Looking for some advice on healthy foods and serving size? Wondering how to eat healthy on a budget? Curious how to incorporate food from different cultures into your diet? My Plate has information in multiple languages.

Breastfeeding Support

Guidance on local breastfeeding support is offered through Wright County Public Health.

Find Breastfeeding Friendly locations  in your area.

Healthy Food Access

There are a variety of way to access healthy food in your community. Wright County Community Action can help connect you to affordable healthy food options in your area, and can also connect you with assistance programs.

Senior Dining

Senior dining offers an opportunity for an inexpensive meal and conversation with friends! Join Catholic Charities at one of their many senior dining sites across the state. Also, click to learn more about Meals on Wheels services.


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