Healthy Aging

With the projection that 74 million people will be over the age of 65 by 2030, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to support this population. All sectors must be engaged in planning for the opportunities of aging adults to ensure we are not only adding years to life, but life to years.

Specific objectives include educating our aging population on the importance of nutrition, socialization, availability of resources, and optimal utilization of services.


Buffalo Area Dementia Friends is a community group working to make the Buffalo area a dementia friendly community using the ACT on Alzheimer’s Toolkit. Creating a community that is informed, safe, and respectful of people living with dementia and their families will foster a high quality of life for everyone.

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Evidence Based Health Programs

Looking for a class or event to meet your needs? We’ve got a variety of programs listed on our calendar; ranging from Falls Prevention, Diabetes Prevention Program, Living Well with Diabetes, and Caregiver Support Groups. Find the one the best suits you!

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Wright County Public Health offers foot care to seniors and individuals with a health condition or physical hindrance who are unable to provide adequate foot care for themselves. Blood pressures can be checked as time allows.

Senior Dining

Senior dining offers an opportunity for an inexpensive meal and conversation with friends! Join Catholic Charities at one of their many senior dining sites across the state. Also, click to learn more about Meals on Wheels services.


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