Healthy Body

The level of physical activity a person can endure varies by age and ability, but the importance of living in a healthy body knows no limitations. A healthy body affects everyday living and plays a major role in how well one will age. Physically, being active increases overall well-being, reduces injuries and infections, helps maintain a healthy weight, and aids in preventing chronic disease.

To encourage active living habits, our work focuses on helping communities become more walkable and bikeable, encouraging kids to move throughout the school day, and increasing options for safe physical activity across the lifespan.


More than 100 years ago, Americans embraced bicycling as a great way to get around. Now, after decades of designing streets for cars, there’s a bicycling renaissance underway. As people recognize the beneifts of biking for health and the environment, communities are reclaiming our bicycling history.

Evidence Based Health Programs

Looking for a class or event to meet your needs? We’ve got a variety of programs listed on our calendar; ranging from Falls Prevention, Diabetes Prevention Program, Living Well with Diabetes, and Caregiver Support groups. Find the one the best suits you! View class summary. Go to our calendar to find a class near you!

Get Out, Get Active

‘Open Streets’ are community-based programs that temporarily open selected streets to people, by closing them to cars. By doing this the streets become places where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can come out and improve their health.By participating in Healthiest Practice Open Streets regularly, people can begin to change their habits and a city can change its culture of health.

Smarter Transportation

In partnership with Benton, Sherburne, and Stearns County, a Regional Active Transportation Plan was developed to highlight how investment in walking and biking benefits a community. Beyond encouraging an active lifestyle, benefits include increased sales for retail businesses, improved worker recruitment, increased property values, decreased healthcare costs, and stimulation of local economies.

Bike Fleet

Monticello Community Education owns and operates 36 bikes that are used throughout the school year by physical education teachers implementing the Walk!Bike!Fun! curriculum to teach students how to ride safely.

Parks and Recreation

Year-round, Wright County Parks and Recreation has outdoor activities to keep you and your family active. Check out the local trails and parks, and see what fun events are planned for the community.


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